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I had some upper back pain and booked an appointment with Johnny to get a massage. The Ashiatsu technique she uses was the most incredible massage I have ever had. The pressure was just right and she worked through my tightness while elongating the muscles. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for some healing and I will be returning to her soon!

Krysti S.
Reno NV

I have a back problem,  my upper back hurts all the time and seems to feel tight due to stress. I been to a lot of places for massage to help me loosen up  my back but I never found someone as good as Johnny. I'm a regular here and I will never go anywhere else. She uses her foot for deep tissue and it's my ultimate favorite massage, she knows exactly what she's doing and she also helps me sleep better at night. I will recommend her and she's the best.

Chinay T.
South Reno NV

Johnny gives an amazing massage! I came here because of a recommendation from a friend, and I will definitely be back! She wasn't in a rush so the evnviornment was relaxing, she always checked to make sure the pressure was right, and got all the tension out the needed areas. I will not be going to any other masseuse from here on out.

Kaytlin K.
Reno NV

I love my massages from Johnny.  Her touch is always good and she takes care to make sure you are comfortable and getting enough pressure.  I love that she also incorporates hot rocks as needed to soften tough spots.  Johnny also uses several different massage techniques including Ashiatsu to best remedy your specific needs.  SO SO GOOD!!The treatment room is beautiful and clean, and the aroma therapy is always relaxing!  Treat yourself to this little slice of heaven!

Shamen F.
Manhattan NY

Johnny is a charming and talented masseuse. You can really feel her joy in her craft. She introduced me to her technique with a sampling of hot stone and moved into Ashiatsu - massage using her feet to provide deep compression. One of the most exceptional massage experiences I've ever had - and I get a massage every four weeks so I've had many. Highly recommend.

Andrea H.
Reno NV

I am a regular client now.  I've been to many day spas and casino spas and Massage Solutions is hands down the best !! Johnnyper is very thorough and complete.  I live in the Bay Area and actually drive 200+ miles to come here. The treatment here is that good, add to that Johnnyper has started Ashiatsu (barefoot massage) which is off the hook !!  Come here once and you'll be back for sure !!

Gene Y.
Walnut Creek CA

Johnnyper is the best massage therapist that I have been to in a long time!  She cares about how you're feeling, what hurts, if you're comfortable, and really puts her heart and soul and passion into being the best that she can be!   I look forward to my sessions with her she's a true gem!  Thank you so much for everything!

Loni M.
Reno NV

I have had many massages over the years but none of them were anything like what I got from Johnnyper. She really cares about how I feel and follows up to see how in doing afterwards. She is very professional, thorough, and friendly. She has even gone over when I needed extra care and that shows me she really cares. I even increased my apts. to twice a month because they are THAT good. I will only go to Johnny and I recommend her to all my friends.

Gloria F.
Sparks NV

I started seeing Johnny about a year ago. With alot of tight muscles from work and running i needed a deep tissue massage to get all the knots out.  I've been to alot of places and by far Johnny is tbe best massage therapist I've had.

Joan M.
Reno NV

Love everything about this place! I started getting massages from Johnny almost two years ago and since then this is the only person I go to. Working as a cocktail server my body experience tension and pain in my neck, shoulder and back area. Johnny knows to work all of my tension areas so after the massage my body feels rejuvenate and pain free. Sometimes I just want to have a relaxing, meditating hour and I go back to this place again and I get different pressure massage with hot stones so when I'm finished my energy levels are very high. Through out the years I went to so many different massage  places searching for one spot that I can always come back (not wanting to go through experiences of not being happy with the massage or the service or the massage therapist) and I'm extremely happy that I found it here.

Mirna Z.
Reno NV

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